Blue Flower

At Enright Strategy Group helping clients achieve higher economic value as well as helping clients avoid losing econmic value are our main goal. We provides expertise in corporate finance and strategy, with specialization in driving corporate growth.

We are a management consulting company who focuses on helping top executives and senior managers making a right business decision. Our practices in business management are designed to effectively and holistically address management challenges from both strategic and financial standpoints. It is a guideline or process to make the right and high-quality business decsions that Enright Strategy Group is determined to leave to clients.

Located in Bangkok, Thailand, a major hub of AEC (Asian Economic Community) and notedly the heart of the CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam) region, Enright Strategy Group aims to support business activities within or flowing into and out of this fast-growing region. We are witnessing the recent cross-border business and investment movements. We recognize a need from companies in one country in the region to seek growth opportunities in the other neighboring countries. Likewise we anticipate more of investment inflows from outside into the region. To align with this development the current business and management practices may needed to be revisited in order to guage its effectiveness and relevency, subsequently, to bring them up to the level of a global level and international standards. To deal with investors seeking the right targets to invest on the one hand and to support local companies in making the right choice of sources to raise finds on the other hand, cross-border or international financial management practices and policies must be adopted in place of or in parallel to the existing ones. 

With these needs in mind, Enright Strategy Group positions itself to be a right-choice advisor to help clients to address those needs and in the end to accomplish thier business goals.